We Tell Your Story

Edith Press is proudly independent. The pathway for your brand development and success initially begins by simply listening. We listen to better understand you and your brand. We gain insight into what inspired you to create a product or start a new endeavor.

Behind every person lies a story. And just as every person has a story to tell, so does your brand. Edith Press listens to your brand narrative so that we may shape and tell your story with precision. The spotlight often focuses on celebrating the famous or well-known, but it’s the people around us who often have the most fascinating stories. Real people are pioneers who create groundbreaking labels and cutting-edge products. It is these pioneers we work with to align their business ambition and innovation for commercial success. Listening is a skill. We strive to listen well so that we may tell your story and create compelling dialogue between you and your target audience.

There is a lot of noise and clutter in the marketplace and also in the digital sphere. Our goal is to break through the clutter and tell your brand’s story in a concise, authentic manner.

Every brand has a story. We are here to tell your brand’s story.

Unique Perspective

Edith Press is a boutique PR and communications agency, specializing in beauty and fashion/accessories brands. We believe in nurturing niche brands and innovative talent with a hands-on approach. From experience, we know that PR should be straight forward as possible and without unnecessary complications.

Edith Press understands what it’s like to be on the client/brand side. We are one of the few agencies co-founded by a designer. Working with outside public relations was one of the catalysts in founding Edith Press. What our co-founder discovered is that too few communications and pr firms offer a la carte services or understand tight budgets. Not every brand or founder has backing from family or venture capital; it’s simply not always possible to hire PR on a monthly retainer. Public relations should be nimble and not stagnant. We offer different levels of packages and you can pick and choose what services you need at a specific time.