Know Your Brand’s Story

An important aspect of public relations is the art of storytelling. A publicist needs to thoroughly understand a brand’s inspiration and why they launched a certain product or service in order to weave their story and present it well to the media. At Edith Press, we tell your brand’s story; however, we can’t do that unless we understand the original motivation behind your business, product, or service. We need a few nuggets of information in order to tell your brand’s story in a concise, but appealing manner.

Prospective clients often email asking if we can help gain exposure for their brand. If we feel the brand is a good fit, of course, we want to help- that’s why we created Edith Press. We are champions of niche and growing brands with a unique perspective and an interesting story. From experience, we know what it’s like to reach out to a public relations firm or freelancer only to be shot down with a high monthly retainer fee that doesn’t even come close to fitting into our budget; or perhaps we hear back and the response is dripping with attitude. Believe me, we know exactly what it’s like to search for public relations that not only wants to work with you, but understands your product and brand story.

Tell Your Brand’s Story in Your Own Words

From a PR point of view, we can’t wait to share your brand with the world. However, it’s impossible to do this without your input. We abhor PR with attitude, but something that makes us bristle is lack of communication from the brand’s side. If you haven’t formed at least a basic elevator pitch, then we can’t weave an interesting brand introduction. Ultimately, our job is to create an interesting story that is succinct, but also draws the reader in; however, we can’t do that without your input. We need basic facts and information from you. And for the love of everything under the sun, don’t tell us to look at your Facebook page for your brand’s story for more information. Recently I exchanged emails with someone wanting to gain more exposure for their business. I was happy to help in any way I could, and so I asked for further information. Their curt email response: Just look at our Facebook page. Nope. Red flag. A few sentences on an FB page doesn’t convey who you are or what inspired your launch. If you took the time to launch a brand, you also need to take the time to write a paragraph or two about the inspiration behind your launch and/or products.

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Writing can be daunting; staring at a blank page on your computer screen, a never-ending sea of white. Before even typing a word, brainstorm your brand story. While jogging or showering, think about why you launched, the inspiration its creation, target audience, and why consumers want or need your products or services. Every evening, write or type anything that pertains to your launch or business story. Soon, you will have a paragraph or two – don’t worry about being too wordy. Later, your public relations firm, or freelancer, will polish your story and weave it into interesting prose. However, we need your words first. We can’t make up your brand’s story- the initial introduction comes from you. (If you are lazy and refer someone to your FB page for one or two lines of background info, you may want to think twice about being in business.)

Shark Tank Introduction

When forming your brand’s story, or descriptive elevator pitch, think of yourself stepping onto the set of Shark Tank. Every candidate has a short introduction- who they are and pertinent background information. Then, they delve into why they started their business, inspiration behind the launch, and how the product works. They know their brand story, target audience, and future trajectory inside and out. Usually, one of the Sharks will want to know even more about your story. Last night I watched a rerun on CNBC Lori Greiner looked at a contestant and said: “Tell us your story.” This was after the contestant had already introduced themselves and told what they thought was a good backstory. (You can never have too much information when someone wants to know more about you and your brand.)

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You will never find a Shark Tank candidate telling the lineup of powerhouse Sharks to “Just look at our businesses Facebook page” when they probe into the brand’s story or ask for more information. As you write your brand’s story, think of yourself as a contestant on this entrepreneurial show and sitting in front of you is a line of future investors. What are some of the most important aspects you want them to know about your business? What inspired you to create this product, service, or program?

You are the backbone and voice of your brand. Carve out time to document everything you believe is important in conveying your brand message and what prompted you to create this business. You are doing your business and yourself a disservice by only writing a few quick lines and expecting public relations or customers to understand your brand’s story. As a boutique public relations firm, if we have barely any information about your brand, we cannot craft a meaningful message to share with the media- both print and digital.